Cafe La Boheme

Cafe La Boheme
Cafe La Boheme

After 20 years on the West Hollywood scene, Cafe La Boheme is still alive and kickin’, with no signs of slowing down.

The inside decor is as if you were walking into Wonderland and meeting up with Alice. With the color red scattered throughout, it’s avant garde approach is most definitely noticed.

The Bohemian, unconventional style to the decor is just as prominent in the menu and cocktails.

You also can’t go wrong with their 7 martinis, 7 days a week, for just $7! What a deal! These prices are just as good for me as they are for you!

The La Boheme Infusion is their specialty drink and most popular. Made with premium infused vodkas and a secret mix of fresh fruit juices; you don’t get a good idea of what the drink will taste like until you take a sip. It’s sure to not disappoint.


Mango Mojito

My favorite signature cocktail was most definitely the Manjo Mojito. With Caribbean light rum, natural simple syrup, fresh limes, fresh mint, mango puree, and a splash of soda water, I forgot I was in West Hollywood for a second and thought I was on the beaches of Bora Bora. After the door blew open and I felt the chilled night, I was immediately brought back to reality.

Cucumber Rosemary Martini








Now on the other end of the spectrum, I experienced and was told about their least popular drink. This would be the Cucumber Martini (gin, infused with fresh cucumbers, mint leaves, and a splash of sweet and sour).

If you are prepared to get more than tipsy, then all you need is one of these and you should be good for the night. The gin took over this drink, with very little taste of the cucumber. Fortunately enough, I only needed to order one of these for 7 bucks and I could call it a night.

Cafe La Boheme, 8400 Santa Monica Blvd.,West Hollywood, CA 90069



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