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SAUZA’s Election Day Cocktail That Deserves Your VOTE!


Those paying attention to this year’s presidential race are surely in need of a cocktail. With Election Day TODAY, the candidates are seriously bringing the heat, so Sauza Tequila created a cocktail to match! The Sriracha Cocktail is packed with presidential punch – its spicy Sriracha ingredient combines well with the sweetness of agave syrup, leaving […]


Vote for the Cocktail Party this Election Day!


Just in time for the big day on Tuesday, check out a handful of election-inspired cocktails! Sure to please whichever party you’re affiliated with, the drinks are the perfect way to celebrate! Cheers! __________ Red, White and True Martini 3 oz elit Vodka Garnish of raspberry, blueberry and pearl onion Method: Pour elit into a mixing […]