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Top 4 Drinks to Pack for Your Camping Trip

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Camping itself is a wonderful experience, but if you bring along a family member or friend, together you will enjoy a remarkable experience that will help you sustain a strong and pleasant connection. Organizing your next camping trip beforehand will certainly make your experience a more enjoyable one. When you are preparing your trip, you […]


5 Things Every French Press Coffee Lover Needs to Know


French press coffee making is unarguably one of the oldest and most widely used coffee methods around the globe – with the first documented origins dating back to the mid-1850s.  The basic mechanism of a French press is based upon immersion coffee brewing. This mechanism is quite simple – coffee grounds and hot water steep […]


Top Tips to Ensure that your Dinner Party Goes to Plan


If the thought of a disaster at a dinner party puts you off from hosting one, stop right there. All you need to do is plan carefully and follow our top tips to ensure that your dinner party goes to plan. Of course, there will always be some mishaps, but if you are organized, these […]


2 Chainz x Rick Ross Verzuz Battle


Last evening, hip-hop legends Rick Ross and 2 Chainz went head-to-head during the latest Verzuz battle, putting their skills to the test. 2 Chainz, who was pregaming with 1800 Cristalino, 1800 Tequila’s newest ultra-premium expression, led with “No Lie” feat. Drake while Rick Ross chose “B.M.F (Blowin’ Money Fast).” Throughout the evening 2 Chainz sipped on 1800 […]


Cold Brew Coffee at Home

afternoon drink with Cold Brew Coffee with Cute glass

Craving a cold iced coffee in the summer is common. However, many people loathe coffee because they don’t brew it correctly.  A cold brew coffee is the only option you have. Besides the process being easy, you also don’t need modern machines or ninja skills to make a perfect tasting coffee for yourself. So unless […]


Frozen Cocktails Around NYC for National Daiquiri Day on July 19

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Looking for a little more chill this Summer?! ‘The Don’ has got you covered! Don Papa Rum’s frozen cocktails to-go are the ideal complement to all Summer activities, including National Daiquiri Day which is coming up on July 19th. It’s the perfect excuse for a refreshing drink!  Don Papa Rum’s frozen cocktails are available throughout Brooklyn […]


CASAMIGOS is Here for the Ultimate National Tequila Day Celebration

Casa Mint Lemonade

National Tequila Day is fast approaching, and on July 24 Casamigos has you covered for all your festivities. If you are looking for a signature summer cocktail, these recipes will not only get your NTD celebrations started, but are likely to become your go to at-home summer cocktail. The Casa Mint Lemonade is the perfect poolside refresher, […]


9 Expert Tips About What CBD Edibles are Good For


CBD edibles can be easily dosed  When you inhale CBD through the process of smoking or vaping, it becomes challenging to track how much CBD you have already inhaled. It often leads to overdose or frustration when you are unable to achieve the desired results. In the case of CBD edibles, you can keep a […]


Transcend to the Beaches of Mexico with these National Tequila Day Recipes

3 Raspados by Jaime Salas with Bottle (2)

While most of our summer trips have been canceled or postponed this year, we’re all wishing we could wake up on the beaches with a delicious drink in hand. On Friday, July 24th, we invite you to join us for National Tequila Day as we bring the Mexican sunshine to the comfort of your living […]


Creative Writing Tips & Techniques

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The power of words helps students, professional writers, and businessmen reach their goals. Due to creative writing, we can generate fresh ideas, as well as express emotions and thoughts effectively. As today’s life goes online, we communicate mostly with the help of text messages, emails, and comments. If you want to sound good, learn to convey your […]


Losing Out – How a DUI Can Affect Your Insurance Premiums


It is never a good idea to drive drunk. Alcohol does impair judgment and can lead you to think you are not as drunk as you really are if you have one or two drinks. There are so many implications of driving drunk, with one of the milder ones being what a DUI does to […]


Cookware Materials: How to Pick the Healthiest One

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Nothing beats the feeling of tucking into a delicious, high-quality meal after a day of hard work. It even gets better when you take your time to prepare the food from scratch. Sadly, cooking skills aren’t enough to prepare a healthy and desirable meal, especially if you don’t have the right cookware meant for use on […]