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On the surface, you would have to think that vaping and gaming would go hand in hand.  In the world of online gaming or computer gaming, it is imperative that you are right there in the moment with your virtual team coordinating together and fighting side by side on the screen for the good of everyone on the team.  Going to the bathroom for a break or even a quick snack or cig could inevitably cost the team a good kill or a win.  So, thus, you do not do it.  You can’t do it and for those with some vices or a weak bladder, gaming is tough.  Since there are many that do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, going outside is definitely something people have to do.  Never mind that it could get into the furniture or people’s clothes, the harmful carcinogens from combustible cigarettes is touch.  We don’t even have to go to the talk about the stigma as well.  For vapers or juice like that of which you could buy at online retailers like, there is a simple yet effective way to help those in need of getting a fix and helping out the team.  

Not only do you not have to leave the game for the simple fix, it is a comfortable playing experience.  You can have your vape right next to you…in your mouth at basically all times and take a puff whenever you need it.  Anytime the need requires, you can take a puff.  Even if you could smoke in the house, it is not the nicest thing to get some ash dropped on your nice new Cavaricci’s or Levis or have that nicely tailored shirt with the monogram suddenly have a hole in it.  

Lastly, when you are into tech, you always want to have the best or most powerful.  Tim Allen from Home Improvement was always talking about More Power and added more power to the tools that ultimately became his mantra.  In the world of technology, the search for the fastest, largest, most reliable devices is just something that is engrained in our society.  In the world of gaming it is no different.  We want to be the best and have the best set up so that we can feel like we are the most equipped to play the game.  In the world of vape, of the hard core vapers, there is also that need to have the best and biggest devices, so that you can create the most clouds.  It is something that they also care about.  If you look at both of these past times, they should definitely go hand in hand.  You get the benefits of doing some sedentary activities and doing them both at the same time is the best thing. 

Plus, you are not bringing into the equation harmful combustible carcinogens and tar that are known to be in cigarettes and you don’t have to let your team down when you need to go outside for a quick puff of smoke.


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