Becoming a Sommelier: 8 Best Wine Tours & Trails Every Newbie Should Take


Wine is the drink of Gods, and wine tourism is becoming the latest trend, especially for autumn trips. There are many places worth visiting if you are a sommelier newbie. 

Excellent wines are made in many regions of the world, like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Moldova, USA, Chile, etc. 

In this article, you will find top destinations for wine trips and tips on how to make the right choice while planning your next journey.




The national winemaking tradition is probably one of the oldest and richest in the world. Almost every region of the country has its own winery, which is famous for its excellent cabernet, chardonnay, and whatnot.

If you are a student lacking time to plan your next trip because of college assignments, don’t let these daunting tasks get in your way. Even if you plan to go during the semester (and September to November might be the best months), don’t get anxious, use the help of essaypro professionals. Enjoy your free time while experts are taking care of your academic stance. 



Tuscany is famous for the fact that you can’t find any lousy wine here. 

The most famous event in the region, called Festa dell’uva e del vino, has been held in the city of Chiusi for more than 30 years now. During the holiday, visitors can taste a wide variety of local wines and traditional dishes. The easiest and fastest way to reach Chiusi is to take a rental car from Florence. 

A lot of tours in Tuscany also include visiting a Frescobaldi farm, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. In general, the whole region of Tuscany has wine farms with tastings available all year round. This is one of the most popular destinations to take a trip if you are a wine lover.

Now, let’s talk numbers. For example, a one day tour with a tasting of classic red wines of Tuscany will cost you around $85. Such a trip can be ordered both in place or in advance.



Merano is located in a fairytale valley between the Alpine mountains. The annual wine festival, which takes place in November, is a must-visit for sommeliers. 

Merano is also home to the unique maze vineyard of the Kränzel Winery, and it is a pleasure to just walk around there, let alone the tastings.



A 7-day wine tour to Sicily will cost you approximately $1,900. You can attend masterclasses and visit different tastings of the world-famous Sicilian wine on the island. 

Sicily specializes in dessert wines. This is their main field of the local economy, which covers 90% of the market. The most famous of them is Marsala. 

The annual Festa del Vino wine festival takes place in late September. Areas that are worth visiting if you are a sommelier are Agricola Gambino and Benanti.



French wines do not need an introduction. Everyone knows Burgundy Chardonnay, Bordeaux, and Beaujolais. 



Provence is the place to taste the best rose wine ever. A 7-day wine tour will cost you about $ 2,500. The package includes a professional guide, wine, and Provence dishes tasting. The only thing which is not included in the price is the flight to France.



The local community has been supporting and keeping the tradition of growing grapes for over 2,000 years. The best time for a wine tour in Burgundy is November. 

It is the place where every third Thursday of November there is the holiday of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is celebrated by tourists from all over the world.

An eight days wine tour to Burgundy will cost approximately $2,260. If you prefer to travel alone, you should follow the Alsace Wine Road. There are many cozy villages where you can enjoy local winemaking and festivals.



The best sparkling wines in Europe are produced in this region. The tastings in the local vineyards have become authentic performances. 

There are also caves where the Champagne matures. This is another fantastic adventure for tourists. The wine tour in Champagne will cost you about $3,500. 


In this journey, you can enjoy the most expensive sparkling wines in the world and visit the birthplace of Champagne. In local vineyards, you will have the opportunity to open a bottle in the hussar way by hitting the cork with a sword.



Wine lovers always look forward to visiting the Douro Valley on their way to Portugal. It is called the home of magnificent ports. The grape harvest in the Douro begins in September, and everyone can take part in the process. 

You can also take a winemaking course at Six Senses Douro Valley hotel. The course includes making a wine of your own, bottle closing, and a tasting.



There are more than 140 enterprises in Moldova that are visited by sommeliers all year around. One of the most exciting spots is the Little Milesti complex. Its wine cellars are considered one of the longest in Europe stretching for over 200 kilometers!

There are countless oak barrels, which are more than a decade old. A 7-day wine tour in Moldova will cost you around $800. 

Whatever tour you choose for your wine trip it will more likely include the following:

hotel accommodation;

shuttle service;


visiting the wineries, festivals, and restaurants;

wine workshops;

professional guide.

By following this guide’s instructions and advice, you will be able to recognize the different wines and grapes they are made of on your arrival.


Wrapping Up

If you love wine and want to learn more about it, you will enjoy this kind of tourism, whatever destination may be. This does not necessarily mean you will not visit other places apart from the winery. 

Still, when wine becomes the point of the trip – the vacation is unforgettable!


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