50 Cent Performs at Rockwell’s Big Game Night Party at Rockwell Nightclub in Miami

50 Cent performing at Rockwell - Feb 2 2020 - credit WRE 1
50 Cent, Big Game Night Party

Miami, FL – On Sunday, February 2nd, Rockwell nightclub closed out the weekend with a truly unforgettable Big Game Night party with acclaimed rapper 50 Cent. The Miami nightclub — well known among nightlife regulars for hosting always-packed parties with attendees spanning from pro-athletes to A-list Hollywood celebrities – dominated the beach as THE post-game party haven after the Kansas City Chiefs took home the title of Super Bowl 54 champions. Many party guests arrived in their post-game Kansas City Chiefs jerseys to celebrate their grand championship at the Miami hotspot. 50 Cent arrived to the nightclub at 2AM and took the mic about an hour afterwards, performing hits such as “Many Men,” “Big Rich Town,” “I’m The Man,” before getting into some of his crowd pleasing all time classic favorites with “Candy Shop,” “21 Questions,” “P.I.M.P,” “What Up Gangsta,”  and “Just A Lil Bit.”

Big Game Night Party
Big Game Night Party


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