Travel Around Asia with KAIDO Miami’s New Cocktail Menu

Bengali Old Fashioned

Drawing inspiration from countries across Asia, acclaimed mixologist Nico de Soto has brought his travels to Miami’s Design District with the new cocktail menu at Kaido. “Every drink is representative of a country, which is inspired by a local dish, street food, street drink, popular tea or flavor” says de Soto.

Highlights include:

Sakura & Tonic (Japan – Sakura Tea): Green Tea Mizu, Shochu, Spices, Sakura Tea, Tonic, Sakura Pearls, Clarified Milk Punch

Sakura & Tonic


Thandai Sour (India – Thandai cold drink): 1615 Pisco Infused Rose Petals, Rectified Pomegranate, Almond Orgeat, Poppy Seeds, Cucumber Seeds [Insert country and flavor inspiration]

Thandai Sour


Bengali Old Fashioned (Bangladesh – Chai Tea): Legent Bourbon, Ghee, Bangali Spices, Black Tea Demerara Syrup [Insert country and flavor inspiration]

Bengali Old Fashioned


Ankor Wat Colada (Cambodia – Pumpkin Custard): Bacardi 8, Pumpkin Palm Sugar Syrup, Egg Yolk [Insert country and flavor inspiration]

Ankor Wat Colada


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