Exactly What Your Friendsgiving Needs


Show your friends how amazing they are this Friendsgiving by mixing a cocktail suited for each of their personalities. The cocktails below are the perfect way to spark contagious laughter and surface stories to reminisce about during a Friendsgiving get-together.

We’ll soon start calling friends to eat festive food, drink amazing cocktails, and celebrate friendship this November. From long distant friends not seen in a while to roommates seen every day, they all deserve to be celebrated this Friendsgiving. Let the cocktails below be a nod to the amazing traits you love about your besties.



The Moët & Chandon Impérial 1869 cocktail is for your trendy friend. The friend who always tells you the hot spots to visit and the latest style to rock will reach for this holiday cocktail by Moët & Chandon. Let them make a statement with this rich yet fruity cocktail.

The Moet & Chandon Imperial 1869

·       15ml Agave Syrup

·       2 Dashes Grapefruit Bitters

·       1 Dash Orange Flower Water

·       100ml Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut

Pour all the ingredients into the Moët Impérial 150th anniversary Coupe and top with Champagne. Garnish with a sprig of “Queen Anne’s Lace” (also known as “wild carrot”)


The D’USSE VSOP Hot Toddy is for your extra festive friend. From October to December, they strictly order pumpkin spice and nutmeg drinks, and they probably already have their Christmas tree up.

The D’USSE VSOP Hot Toddy

·       2 oz- D’USSE Cognac

·       4 oz- Hot Black Tea

·       1 oz- Honey Syrup

·       2-3 Orange Peels

·       Cinnamon Stick

Seep tea in a glass mug.  Add D’USSE VSOP, Honey Syrup and stir.  Add Orange Peels and Cinnamon Stick.


Your bold and coffee-addicted friend will go for the Media Nochemeaning “midnight.” D’USSE’ VSOP mixed with a shot of espresso and cream will give your friend another boost of energy during your Friendsgiving, and there will be undoubted appreciation for a drink that comes with a splash of caffeine.  

Media Noche

·       2 oz- D’USSE VSOP Cognac

·       1.5 oz-Chilled Café Bustelo Espresso Shot

·       .5 oz- Simple Syrup

·       1 oz- Half & Half (or Almond Milk)

·       Glassware: Martini

·       Garnish: Shaved Chocolate Ribbons

Add D’USSE VSOP Cognac, Espresso, Simple Syrup and Half & Half into a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into a chilled Martini glass.  Garnish with chocolate shavings.


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