Riiiiiiise and Shiiiiiine with SVEDKA VODKA

Rise & SHINE 2

Riiiiiiiise and Shiiiiiiiine!

Get the party started in the morning with a boozy, zesty cocktail.

Introducing the SVEDKA Rise & SHINE, created by SVEDKA Vodka and Mixologist Cody Goldstein. The perfect brunch cocktail for pregames, tailgates, and weekend rising and shining.

The SVEDKA ‘Rise & SHINE’ cocktail is great to wake up to thanks to its bright and refreshing ingredients. The pineapple and orange juice add a great start to the day with lots of healthy vitamins, with the. SVEDKA Citron complementing the citrus notes while adding a little morning ‘kick’ to the drink. Brunch would of course not be complete without some bubbles from champagne. Last, but not least, do not forget the grenadine which adds a “sunrise” color to the cocktail.” – Cody Goldstein, Mixologist and Founder of Muddling Memories, a hospitality company specializing in unique beverage experiences.



SVEDKA Rise & Shine

·       1 oz Svedka Citron

·       3 oz Orange Juice

·       1 oz Pineapple Juice

·       .50 oz Grenadine

·       Champagne, to fill

Add vodka, orange, pineapple into wine glass with ice. Top with champagne and float grenadine on top. Garnish with orange and pineapple fronds.


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