Cheers to NYFW Cocktails around NYC!


Get your best looks out, as September 4th marks the beginning of the semi-annual New York Fashion Week. With the classic and newest designers making their impression on the city, creativity and new trends are in the air.

With that in mind, check out a few places to find some of the trendiest cocktails during the week revolving around all things fashion.



Cleo: (444 Park Avenue South)

To follow this year’s trend of a classic Brown Leather lookhead down to Cleo to try their infamous Espresso Martini. This drink not only embodies a classic coffee flavor with a touch of spice, but will give you that extra buzz needed to push through the shows and of course, after-parties, all week long. Reservations can be made through emailing

Espresso Martini


Trademark Taste + Grind (38th West 36th Street)

Embrace the Bold Monochrome movement by trying the striking in taste and color, Hibisco Disco, shaken up by fellow bartenders at Trademark Taste + Grind. This drink isn’t only fun, like rocking a bold color, but it is nice and refreshing with hints of cherry, lime, and orange to offset and complement a strong Mezcal. Reservations can be made through emailing

Hibisco Disco


Refinery Rooftop (63 West 38th St)

If inspired by looks featuring Silk during this years shows head over to Refinery to further your day’s aesthetic and try the Cherry Blossom G+T. This drink puts a spin on your regular Gin and Tonic by incorporating a unique cherry blossom tonic mixed in with a touch of pink peppercorn and lemon. Reservations can be made through emailing    

Cherry Blossom G & T


Woodpecker by David Burke (30 W 30th St) 

Lastly, nothing says elegance like Royal Purple. If after seeing this color sported and omnipresent on the streets and on the runway, Woodpecker has the perfect cocktail for you: The Purple Raven. This eccentric drink is composed of gin, elderflower, butterfly pea flower, and yuzu, to leave you feeling a buzz and lavished.  Reservations can be made through emailing

The Purple Raven


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