Cheers to National Tequila Day with MILAGRO TEQUILA’S Festive Cocktails

Milagro Tequila Where There is Smoke, by Jaime Salas

Looking to take your National Tequila Day celebrations to the next level this year? Put your classic margarita recipes aside because Milagro Tequila is serving up the ultimate cocktails to cheers with this July 24th.  

True to the brand, these delicious cocktails bring together traditional Mexican flavors with trending and unique ingredients.



Maria Verde by Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador

Maria Verde

2 Parts Milagro Reposado

1½ Parts Jicama Juice

1 Rib of Celery

1 Part Tomatillo Juice

½ Part Fresh Lime Juice

6 drops Chipotle Sauce (or to taste)

A Pinch of Black Salt

PREPARATION: Build in high ball glass with ice. Garnish with celery, cherry tomatoes and lime wedge.


Prickled Pink by Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador

Prickled Pink

2 Parts Milagro Silver

1 Part Fresh Lime Juice
2 Parts Pink Agua de Tuna**
3/4 Part Agave Nectar

PREPARATION: Pour all ingredients into a Boston shaker, shake and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with lime wheel. **To make Agua de Tuna: Peel and roughly chop 5 prickly pear fruits (green and red), add to blender and puree until smooth. Pour through a fine mesh strainer to remove the seeds and pulp, discard.


Matcha Made in Heaven by Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador

Matcha Made in Heaven

2 parts Milagro Silver

¾ part Matcha Green Tea Syrup

¾ part Lemon

½ Egg White

PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake and double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with mint leaf.


Celebración (Punch- Serves 4) by Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador


6 Parts Milagro Silver

12 Parts Guava Nectar (pink)

2 Parts Ginger Simple Syrup

3 Parts Lime Juice

PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl and mix. Top with Club Soda (Top Chico) or Prosecco. Garnish with lime wheels and white edible flowers to resemble guava flowers.

Glass: Punch bowl, Rocks glasses

Mexican Pink (Rosa Mexicano) is a color used throughout Mexico and one that now represents Mexico City. It’s also the inspiration for this cocktail. Its bright pink color isn’t the only thing vibrant about this punch. Its tropical guava notes with hints of ginger spice make for a refreshing communal drink meant to be shared in celebracion (celebration). Enjoy!” – Jaime Salas


Where There is Smoke by Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador

Where There is Smoke

1 part Milagro Silver

1 part Montelobos Espadin

3/4 Hibiscus & Ginger Syrup

1 Capsule Activated Charcoal

1 pinch of Salt

PREPARATION:  Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake and strain over fresh ice into a Rocks glass. Garnish with Hibiscus Salt Rim


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