SKYY VODKA & John Cena Will Turn Your Bad Fireworks into Something Beautiful This 4th of July

John Cena

NEW YORK CITY (July 1, 2019) – Here’s one thing Americans have in common: most of our firework photo attempts turn out to be, well… duds. Fireworks, after all, are notoriously difficult to photograph.

This year, instead of deleting those sad, blurry, or just plain bad firework photos – John Cena and SKYY Vodka are encouraging fans to use them to #SparkChange instead. Post them, and use the hashtag #SKYYVodka, and SKYY will donate $5 per post to the National Diversity Council, for a total of up to $100,000. Because, while those photos might be fiascos, they will help keep America beautiful.

In continuation of its “Proudly American” campaign and the brand’s dedication to actively driving progressive change, SKYY® Vodka and WWE Superstar, Actor, Television Personality and Humanitarian, John Cena, kicked off this new patriotic and charitable effort today with “#SparkChange,” a humorous, digital call-to-activism offering consumers an opportunity to do some good with their less-than-perfect firework photos.

By tagging their dark, blurry, or otherwise disappointing photos of fireworks with #SKYYVodka (on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), consumers can directly support the National Diversity Council, an organization that tirelessly works to foster a better understanding of diversity and inclusion through various initiatives that promote the many benefits of a multicultural environment in the United States.

Embracing diversity is pretty much how I define American patriotism. It’s weaved into the very fabric of our nation, and is something every American should be proud of,” said John Cena. “I’m honored to be a part of this fun, yet meaningful campaign, encouraging others to take an image that would otherwise be discarded and use it instead to support something as beautiful as a more diverse America.

At SKYY, our unwavering support of diversity and inclusiveness stems from our San Francisco roots,” said Melanie Batchelor, Vice President of Marketing, Campari America. “This fourth of July, we’re raising a glass to the progress we’ve made as a country by supporting the National Diversity Council – and in typical SKYY fashion, having a little fun with it along the way.

SKYY’s ‘Proudly American’ campaign pairs so perfectly with the messages we at the National Diversity Council work to promote,” said Dennis Kennedy, Founder & Chair, National Diversity Council. “We’re so pleased to be the benefiting partner of SKYY’s #SparkChange campaign that gives others a fun and easy opportunity to promote diversity within their social networks.

The “#SparkChange” video will premiere on July 1st on John Cena’s social media channels and will be supported by John’s fellow “Proudly American” campaign partners, which include Ru Paul’s Drag Race legend Trixie Mattel and musician, personality, and activist for race equality Amara la Negra, in addition to SKYY and the National Diversity Council.


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