METAXA, the Original Spirit of Greece, Unveils One of its Most Unique Offerings; METAXA 12 STARS


Metaxa – the original Greek spirit, is unveiling the latest offering within the collection – Metaxa 12 Stars – a unique blend of Muscat wine from the Greek islands of Samos and Lemnos, aged wine distillates, and Mediterranean botanical maceration. Mature, distinctive and bold with hints of orange peel, chocolate, coffee and toasted oak, Metaxa 12 Stars is both elegant and fulfilling. Although Metaxa was first compared to a Cognac and later to a Brandy, it can be classified as a unique amber spirit, dedicated to connoisseurs, eager to discover this authentic one-of-a-kind liqueur.

Created by the Metaxa Master, the Metaxa 12 Stars is one of the most unique offerings from The House of Metaxa with a unique taste dedicated to spirit connoisseurs, eager to discover this authentic one-of-a-kind amber spirit. Metaxa 12 Stars can best explored neat or on a single rock. It can be enjoyed in signature cocktails such as the Metaxa Spritz and Greek Martini.

Aging since 2011, the Metaxa 12 Stars is now ready for it’s unveiling in the U.S. It will be available at fine retailers nationwide beginning next week, with a suggested price of $40.

Athenian Negroni
Greek Martini
Metaxa Spritz
Metaxa Vieux Carre


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