John Cena Toasts to the 21st Anniversary of Titanic with SKYY VODKA

John Cena

Nostalgia is Proudly American and, as such, John Cena is lending his voice – and sense of humor – to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the film “Titanic” with SKYY Vodka!

In a spoofy video entitle “Thoughts”, John raises a glass to “Life, Liberty, and the American Spirit” and ponders why Rose couldn’t just make some more room on that door, all while in the iconic “flying” pose on the bow of a ship. The video is part of a larger partnership with SKYY Vodka and its “Proudly American” campaign, which was created to tell the stories of those who believe in celebrating the spirit of today’s bold Americans and rooted in SKYY’s belief that diversity drives progress.

Check out the video HERE


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