TRUSSARDI Dresses DISARONNO with Limited Edition Bottle this Holiday Season

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MILAN, ITALY, October 1, 2018 DISARONNO®, the world’s favorite Italian liqueur, is back for their annual DISARONNO® ICON Project. This year, the brand will be dressing the bottle in a limited-edition design by one of Italy’s ultimate heritage houses: TRUSSARDI. The luxury fashion label and lifestyle brand, best known for its leather goods, will transform the iconic DISARONNO® bottle, giving it a dressed up look perfect for gifting this holiday season.

For years the DISARONNO® Limited Edition bottle has marked an annual highlight, referencing and increasing our brand’s visibility, comments Augusto Reina, Illva Saronno Holding CEO. “DISARONNO® is appreciated across the globe as an emblem of Italian style, and this year we are proud to make a particularly classy, elegant statement with a graphic design that FULLY reflects our perfectly modern essence.

The DISARONNO wears TRUSSARDI collaboration showcases the shared values of the brands, together encompassing a sense of tradition, innovation and Italian elegance. The striking bottle is draped in a stunning variation of the traditional leather texture of TRUSSARDI, incorporating the recognized greyhound logo made up of fine fuchsia, green and blue brushstrokes that frame the eminent DISARONNO® logo. Uniting the distinctive bottle shape with the timeless look of TRUSSARDI makes for the ideal gift and collector’s item for fashion lovers this winter.

Disaronno Wears Trussardi

The TRUSSARDI story is very much about innovation, discovery, the concept of fusion. In addition to strengthening the bond between two companies that epitomize the Italian spirit worldwide, designing the iconic DISARONNO® bottle underscores once again that TRUSSARDI continues to be a 360° lifestyle brand,” says Tomaso Trussardi, CEO of Trussardi.

The designer collaboration will also be available in six chic mini bottles, packaged in sets of three, each dressed in coordinating looks. Made specifically for fans of the ICON Project, the Limited Edition Collection giftbox will include both the DISARONNO wears TRUSSARDI bottle and assortment of the six mini bottles, packaged in sets of three. Perfect for gifting this holiday, consumers can also purchase the Celebrate in Style giftbox with two champagne flutes joining the limited-edition bottle to say cheers with true effervescence.

The exclusive, limited edition 750mL bottle will retail for $24.99 and the mini sets of three are $9.99/per pack. The Celebrate in Style giftbox will retail for $34.99.

To celebrate this partnership, toast the season with a DISARONNO® Sparkling, a simple yet flavorful drink that consists of 1-part DISARONNO® and 3 parts Prosecco (Italian sparkling dry white wine), with a currant sprig garnish.

#DisaronnoWearsTrussardi is the sixth Limited Edition for the DISARONNO® ICON Project, the brand’s annual collaboration with a leading name in Italian fashion.

Check out the DISARONNO wears TRUSSARDI cocktail specially made for the bottle.



Disaronno Wears Trussardi Cocktail


1 oz Fresh made Sweet & Sour mix and passion fruit

1 oz Lime juice

0.1oz Lime cordial

1 dash Bitter

0.3oz Egg white

Method: shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a flute.

Garnish: garnish with grapefruit  zest and a small edible flower. Dust with grated tonka bean.






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