THE COSMOPOLITAN of Las Vegas “Secret Cocktail” by the Numbers


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has really owned up to the saying “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” with their Verbena cocktail offered at the visual wonder, The Chandelier 1.5.

Verbena Cocktail

Developed by Mariena Mercer, property chef mixologist at The Cosmopolitan, the Verbena cocktail is a lemon verbena and ginger infused margarita garnished with a Sichuan flower and has proven to be the best selling drink on property year over year…despite the fact it is not even listed on the menu. The secret cocktail, known to guests only by word of mouth, has been sold over 515,542 (tracked) times since its inception grossing over $7,585,500 in sales.

Exclusively offered at The Chandelier 1.5, the second level of the multi-story visual wonder housing three unique bar experiences, the Verbena cocktail is meant to be consumed by eating the flower (also known as a “buzz button”) first. This speeds up all your salivary glands, enhances your libation experience and literally makes your mouth water because the Szechuan button is filled with a natural alkaloid. Priced at $15 –this cocktail epitomizes luxury and is the perfect way to indulge in your Las Vegas winnings.

Statistics at a glance:
· 515,542 Verbenas sold
· $7,585,588.56 in gross sales
· 23,433 L bottles of Herradura Silver Tequila
· 572,908 “Buzz Buttons” for garnish
· 2018 Sales to date: 102,266


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