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The warmer weather is FINALLY rolling into New York City. We’ve been waiting FOR-E-VER. With that being said, we’re also about to jump start our brunch game. There is nothing better than daytime tipsiness, bottomless booziness, and great food to soak it all in!

We started exploring the top brunch spots in NYC and one of them on our list was Clancey. This Lower East Side spot serves brunch and dinner with a selection of rotating specialty craft beers and specialty cocktails.

*NOTE* SUMMER FRIDAYS at CLANCEY is NOW! Friday Brunch will be served starting at 11AM with an ALL DAY Happy Hour! Pretty sweet!

Okay, where were we…

We stopped by Clancey last weekend to immerse ourselves into their brunch. They started us off the right way with a ‘Frozen Mini Moscow Mule‘ with Stoli. It was so good! It definitely wet our palette for more mules…

Frozen Mini Moscow Mule

After we got a small taste of tipsyness, we kept going and had ‘The Bloody.’ This is their house Bloody Mary. Brunch without a Bloody Mary is non-existent in our book.

The Bloody

Then the food started rolling in…

Something Wrapped in Bacon on a Toothpick‘ was our first indulgence. The ‘something’ that is wrapped in bacon changes. We had Shrimp wrapped in bacon…

Something Wrapped in Bacon

We also had another ‘Something Wrapped in Bacon‘ and not going to lie, we don’t remember what was wrapped in the bacon #TipsyFail – But, check it out…

Something Wrapped in Bacon

THEN, we got into the real deals! ‘The Yesterday Lo Mein’ and ‘Chicken & Challah.

‘The Yesterday Lo Mein’ looks like yesterday’s lo mein, with box and everything, except it’s 100x better. You’ll get flashbacks of those drunken nights & hangover mornings, eating your left-over lo-mein. It’s made with crispy pork belly and cold noodles.

The Yesterday Lo Mein

After all of that, we thought we didn’t have anything left in us to keep going, but once we took a bite of the ‘Chicken & Challah’ it.was.over. We devoured it. Crispy French Toast, Fried Chicken, Maple Syrup, and House Hot Sauce. We ate the whole thing.

Chicken & Challah

Besides all of the above, the other brunch items sound so damn good. In addition to the standard brunch items; Eggs, French Toast, Steak & Eggs, Burgers, etc, they also offer some brunch specialties; FAT Pancakes with apples and dulce de leche / Avocado Toast / Truffle Grilled Cheese with Asparagus / Shrimp & Grits / Fish Sandwich / Smoked Bacon Sweet Potato Hash.

We ended our brunch the only way that we know how, more tipsyness. The ‘Delancey Wake-Up Call‘ – Iced Coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream, & House Made Whipped Cream. It woke us UP after our OVER indulgence of all of the above!


The Delancey Wake-Up Call



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