Tequila VIDA Enters a New Stage of Life…SERIOUS

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Timeless. Bold. Chic. Iconic. These are the concepts we live by, these are the values we distill. VIDA launched in 2007 to critical acclaim in a market of less than 400 tequila brands, driven by our passion and dedication to create the best tequila in the world. The look of tequila was synonymous “old-world” Mexico. Our vision for tequila is to better embody what Mexico is today; Mature, modern, complex. It is with great pride that we introduce the next step in realizing this vision, our new bottle.


With the critical ratings and awards (VIDA Anejo 97/100, VIDA Reposado 94/100 & Top 50 Spirits, VIDA Blanco 4/star Outstanding) to back us up, we’re making statement. We see the entire tequila making process as elegant, beautiful and artful. The red soil unique to the highlands of Arandas, the sharp Tequila Weber Blue Agave leaves, the shape of the coa tool, the pattern left on the piƱa, the curve of the oak barrels. We take inspiration from all of this, not from dated interpretations of Mexico as seen through a tourist’s eyes. We believe that appreciation comes with understanding. It takes a minimum of 12 years for agave to become tequila. Forget shots, we believe there is greater reward in savoring what’s in your glass.

Everything we do is thoughtful and strong. VIDA has a quality and sophistication that defines the way you want to drink” explains founder, Lisa Barlow. “The new bottle is serious. I was very hands-on in every aspect of this design. Our tequila is extraordinary, and the bottle had to match. It reflects the way I see tequila; the way I see Mexico. I wanted to create something true to our experience, bold and unique as my fingerprint. This is my fingerprint on tequila. I am a risk-taker; there is no risk in what we have created, it is iconic and inspiring.



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