NEW Cocktail Alert AND ‘Cold Cure’ at THE RICKEY at DREAM MIDTOWN NYC

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NEW Cocktail Alert!

The Rickey at Dream Midtown has just launched their very own cold cure – in cocktail form! Named The Peaty Penicillin, The Rickey utilizes the “queen of antioxidants”, rosemary + an actual syringe!

The Peaty Penicillin ($16) is a heady concoction of Johnnie Walker Black Label, 12-year aged scotch, ginger-honey syrup, lemon juice and rosemary, which delivers an assertive whiff of peat and brine, while also serving as a sure-fire cure – even if you’re not completely under the weather.

The best part? The simplicity of making this cocktail (or mocktail, if you prefer) at the convenience of your own home.



The Rickey at Dream Midtown | The Peaty Penicillin, $16 – Beverage Director, Drew Sweeney

The Peaty Penicillin

2 oz. Johhny Walker Black Label
.75 oz. Ginger/Honey Syrup
.25oz Coal Ila 12yr (Drizzle Over Top with Syringe)
Lemon Juice (to taste)
Rosemary Sprig (to taste)
Skewered Candied Ginger


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