Brooklyn Bartenders Talk the “Tender” Part of the Job with Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel, Brooklyn Bartenders talk the ‘Tender’ part of the job

Jimmy Kimmel sat down with a handful of Brooklyn bartenders to talk about the side of their job they don’t talk about often: tending to the patron.

During the hilarious back-and-forth, Jimmy asked the following “ridiculous questions”:

What about the “tender” part of the job? Are people still coming to bartenders with their problems? Do you feel like you could help them?

Would you rather have a bottle opener permanently installed in your armpit? Or the ability to dispense club soda out of your nose?

Can you spell the word “daiquiri”?

What is your stance on the tiny umbrella?

Do you ever lie to customers so you don’t have to make their drink?

What’s the most annoying way customers try to get your attention?


Brooklyn bars and bartenders featured:

– Jerry Henderson – Pippins Pub

– Lizy Ryan – Diner

– Jimmy Muir – Clement’s Maryland Crab House

– Sarah Morrisey – Pig Beach

– Ernie Blundell – The Gather Inn Again

– Damon Boelte – Grand Army

– Jeannie Talier – Hanks Saloon

– Gerry Rooney – Circa Brewing Co

– Brittany Morin – Skinny Dennis

– Karen Fu – Donna

– Jelani Jah Edwards-Johnson – Tiki Mondays with Miller

– Jeff Calli – Tiki Mondays with Miller



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