ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing V.I.”We” The Shared Table Social Experience brought to you by TAO NIGHTCLUB

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Vegas partygoers on a budget, fear not! Introducing V.I.”We”, a shared-table social experience from TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas. For the first time, TAO Nightclub launched a new program designed for the guest who desires the VIP bottle service experience without having to worry about having a big enough group to meet a bottle minimum, or breaking the bank when on a budget.

The brainchild of Mike Snedegar, TAO Group’s Entertainment Marketing Director, the program derives inspiration from the AirBnb and Uber/Lyft models of the world – where sharing brings cost benefits.

Guests will be able to purchase individual tickets to a communal bottle service area comprised of several tables ($50 female/$100 male plus tax and gratuity – Prices subject to change based on certain weekends and special events) inside the main room of the club. For the fraction of traditional bottle service guests can sip vodka, tequila and champagne from featured beverage partners at shared tables at designated areas within the club.

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