Kick-Off The Super Bowl the Right Way with OAKHEART GENUINE SPICED RUM

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Oakheart rum bottle on ice

Happy almost Super Bowl!

OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum has the perfect libations to kick-off your Super Bowl party right!

Whether you’re playing host or picking up the supplies, OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum has got your back. Quick, easy, and fuss-free, a classic Oak & Cola – 1 ½ parts OAKHEART, 4 parts cola and all parts delicious – will let you enjoy the game (and commercials), and less time practicing your bartending skills.

Created as a toast to the closest of friends, the smooth and flavorful OAKHEART liquid is expertly crafted and aged for a minimum of one year in specially selected charred American Oak barrels to impart a hint of smokiness. The liquid is then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals and finished by adding a secret blend of spices delivering a smoky, robust flavor with a hint of sweet creamy butterscotch and a touch of pepper.

Don’t waste time behind the bar next Sunday and raise an Oak & Cola with your crew to the greatest night in football!



Oak & Cola

Oakheart rum and cola drink

1 ½ parts OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum
4 parts Cola
Ice Cubes

Method: Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour on OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum. Top with chilled Cola and serve.


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