Breaking News! The Cucumber Emoji Has Arrived and HENDRICK’S GIN is Ready to Celebrate!

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With the rollout of Apple’s new iOS 10.2 update, the cucumber emoji is finally here!

After much patience and anticipation, Hendrick’s Gin is excited to celebrate the cucumber emoticon’s rightful presence in everyday texting language. Finally, the all-powerful cucumber can stand next to some of the iconic emojis that permanently reside in our pop culture and Gen Z vernacular.

As you may know, Hendrick’s is curiously infused with cucumber—it is the backbone of this most unusual gin and our garnish of choice in cocktail recipes.

Now you can raise a virtual and IRL glass to celebrate the digitalized version of the beloved cucumber — and what luck that this news comes right in time for the holidays, with a digital sliced cucumber to help garnish our bubbly Cucumber 75 sparkling cocktail!




The Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber 75
Created by the Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador Team

Cucumber 75

1.5 parts Hendrick’s Gin
.5 part fresh lemon juice
.5 part simple syrup
3 English cucumber wheels
Dry sparkling wine
In a mixing glass, muddle cucumbers and simple syrup. Add Hendrick’s Gin, lemon juice, and ice. Shake well and fine strain into a flute. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with a cucumber ribbon or wheel.


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