CORONA Brings Beer to the Beach!

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Klink & Corona Beach Delivery
Klink & Corona Beach Delivery

Madeira Beach, FL – This past Saturday, Corona, the official beer of summer, offered the first-ever on-demand delivery of beachside brews by partnering with on-demand alcohol delivery service, Klink. Together, the brands offered hundreds of beachgoers in Madeira Beach, FL a first-of-its-kind, beachside experience that only Corona could — helping beachgoers literally “find their beach” by ordering ice cold Corona and Corona Light for delivery right to the sand. Each order was delivered via jet ski from our Corona boat anchored out in the water directly to the shore, and came complete with fresh limes and Corona swag.

While this event was a one-time-only experience, the brand is excited to see what will happen in the future following the success of Saturday’s activation!

Klink & Corona Beach Delivery
Klink & Corona Beach Delivery
Klink & Corona Beach Delivery
Klink & Corona Beach Delivery


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