Check Out The Rickey at Dream Midtown on National Absinthe Day

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The Rickey
The Rickey at Dream Midtown

Tomorrow is National Absinthe Day!

Check out a craft cocktail served at The Rickey at Dream Midtown that you could either sip at the midtown hotspot or concoct on you own at home this weekend, in celebration.

The Walnut Sazerac recipe is below..



Walnut Sazerac

Walnut Sazerac
Walnut Sazerac

2 oz George Dickel Rye
.75 oz Nocello Walnut Liquor
4 dashes Peychud’s Bitters
GARNISH: Lemon Twist

-Chill a rocks glass and once chilled, coat with Absinthe
-In mixing glass add Dickel Rye, Nocello Walnut Liquor and the Peychud’s bitters.
– Add ice and stir to temperature
-Strain into chilled, Absinthe-coated glass
-Garnish with a lemon twist


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