Stay Tipsy with SOBIESKI VODKA This Valentine’s Day!

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Looking for the perfect way to celebrate love on cupid’s holiday? Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with loved one’s, with a cocktail that you will equally enjoy, thanks to Sobieski Vodka. Sobieski’s renowned bartender, John Lermayer, has created a delicious way to say I love you on February 14th; it is meticulously developed and created to celebrate all the lovers.

Sobieski Vodka is produced exclusively from 100% pure selected rye at the Starogard Gdański distillery in Gdański, Poland, at the country’s northern, Baltic coast (est. 1846). Rectified at Poland’s tallest rectification tower for maximum purity and smoothness, Sobieski vodka’s rye ingredient notes an attractive aroma of fresh honeysuckle and lemon; it is velvety and rich, with delightfully complex notes of citrus and nuts. The finish is not only clean, but smooth, making it perfect both on the rocks and in signature cocktails. Rye vodka is full of character, which is why Sobieski is a carefully crafted vodka, perfect for the consumer market. The high quality, rye vodka is then continuously distilled for purity, as well as smooth texture.



Sobieski Smooth Kiss

Sobieski Vodka

● 2 oz Sobieski Raspberry

● 3/4 oz. Marie Brizard raspberry liqueur

● 1/4 oz. simple syrup

● Whole Egg

● Dash of Angostura bitters

Method: Shard hard and stain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with grated dark chocolate

With a delicious blend of raspberry, this drink is sure to ignite your senses and impress your loved one!


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