Can You Hold Your JAGERMEISTER Better Than Jimmy Fallon?

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Surely you’ve seen the sighting of Jimmy Fallon tripping with a bottle of Jägermeister in hand while at a celebration for the Harvard Lampoon Awards this past weekend. As he’s clearly a fan, check out a few fall recipes inspired by his weekend “trip!”



Fallon’s Fall Weekend Trip
Created by Ivy Mix

Fallon's Fall Weekend Trip
Fallon’s Fall Weekend Trip

1.5.oz Jägermeister
0.5.oz Del Maguey Vida
0.5.oz Fresh Orange Juice
0.25.oz Maple Syrup
0.5.oz Fresh Lemon
Dash Angostura


Old Fashioned Fallon
Created by Andy Seymour

Old Fashioned Fallon
Old Fashioned Fallon

1.5.oz Jägermeister
1.5.oz Rye Whiskey


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