Valentine’s Day Ideas from CHANDON

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CHANDON rosé mini bottle
CHANDON rosé mini bottle

Looking for great, easy Valentine’s Day ideas for that special chic someone – perhaps your BFF, girlfriend or better half? Chandon is offering fun Chandon Rosé mini bottles ($8 each) available at and at select retailers nationwide.

Chandon also has a delicious array of easy-to-make Chandon Rosé cocktails, which you can find below.



2 oz. Chandon Rosé
1 1Ž2 oz. hibiscus kombucha
1Ž2 oz. Meyer lemon-liqueur
3 drops strawberry-rhubarb bitters

Pour the kombucha, lemon-liqueur and bitters into a flute. Top with Chandon Rosé.

Pink Chandy

Pink Chandy
Pink Chandy

3 oz. Chandon Rosé
2 oz. pink lemonade
2 dashes Meyer lemon bitters
1 slice fresh jalapeno

Pour the lemonade into a rocks glass. Add the bitters and top with Chandon Rosé and a jalapeno slice.

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