‘Chill Out’ with Christina Milian & VIVA DIVA WINES

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Winter White Sangria
Winter White Sangria

Christina Milian‘s Viva Diva Wines is looking to share its new Winter White Sangria seasonal recipe!

Below are the ingredients and directions needed to turn any day into a winter wonderland with some chilled Viva Diva Wines.



2 Parts Viva Diva Peach Moscato
1 Part Malibu Coconut Rum
.5 Part Triple Sec
1 Splash Peach Orchard Punch

Stir Rum and Triple Sec in with Fresh cut Orange, Peach, and Apple Slices. Stir in Tropicana’s Peach Orchard Punch. Finish with Viva Diva Peach Moscato. Add Ice and Serve.


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