Celebrate National Gin & Tonic Day with HENDRICK’s GIN

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April 9th is indeed a day of most peculiar importance in history – in 1865 Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to General Ulysses S. Grant; in 1926 Hugh Hefner was born; and in 1959 NASA announced the selection of the first seven American astronauts. In 2014, this date signifies a time of generous imbibing for National Gin & Tonic day. Rather than celebrating the holiday with an ordinary concoction, consider the most unusual, yet delectable, Hendrick’s Gin, infused with cucumber and rose, topped with your favorite tonic and a cucumber slice- the perfect, yet simple twist on the classic Gin & Tonic cocktail.

Hendrick’s Gin has been at the forefront of a drinking revolution. Not since the mid-19th century and the beginning of gentrified gin has there been quite such a stir amongst tipplers of this wonderful beverage. With its distinctive blend of botanicals, its signature infusion of cucumber and rose petals and its pioneering distillation technique, Hendrick’s Gin has captivated the attention of bartenders and bon vivants across the nation.

Hendrick’s & Tonic

Hendrick’s & Tonic

•       1.5 parts Hendrick’s Gin

•       3-4 parts premium tonic water (Fever Tree or Q Tonic preferred)

•       3 cucumber wheels to garnish


•       Glass:  Iced Long


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