Halloween-Inspired Cocktails from the World’s Original Coca Leaf Liqueur, AGWA de Bolivia

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New York – With Halloween just around the corner, you can now bring a new twist to the festivities with AGWA’s specialty cocktails. Literally meaning “Water from Bolivia,” AGWA (30% ABV) is celebrated globally and is recognized as the “world’s original coca leaf liqueur.”

The best quality coca leaves are grown above 2000m in the Andes, picked and shipped to Amsterdam where they are immediately macerated into tea. Harmoniously blended with all-natural ingredients, including Chinese green tea, ginseng, Amazon guarana, African mint, and of course, the coca leaf—AGWA makes a wonderful addition to your Halloween cocktail lineup.

Mixology experts worldwide love AGWA for its unique versatility (adding AGWA to any classic mixer is a sure way to create the perfect cocktail), and consumers can’t get enough of its noteworthy after-effect, often referred to the “AGWA buzz.” Adding to its originality is its striking hue. AGWA forms ice crystals when frozen, which concentrates the color and causes the liquid to form a “green glow” which uniquely intensifies the flavor.

AGWA needs to be chilled at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours in order for it to GLOW. Check out a few drink creations that are sure to be a Halloween hit! Cheers!


The Devil’s Kiss

AGWA and a Lime Wedge – Bite into lime wedge before enjoying the frozen shot

Devil's Kiss
Devil’s Kiss


Red Devil

Cranberry and AGWA on the rocks

Red Devil
Red Devil


Bolivian Bloody Mary

Bolivian Bloody Mary
Bolivian Bloody Mary

 25 ml AGWA De Bolivia

100ml Tomato Juice

10ml Worcestershire Sauce

5ml Tabasco Sauce

Pinch of salt +pepper + celery salt (as desired)

Lemon slice

Pour all the ingredients over cubed ice in a highball glass ands stir really well


Green Diablada

 15ml AGWA de Bolivia

15ml Melon Liqueur

2 Lime wedges

Pour ingredients and squeeze the lime wedges into a shaker. Add ice, shake well, and serve.


Green Angel

Green Angel
Green Angel

8 Basil leaves

12.5ml Limoncello

37.5ml Gin

25ml AGWA

25ml pure apple juice

vanilla sugar

In a chilled Boston glass place 7 Basil leaves, fill with crushed ice, drizzle the limoncello and stir. Strain off limoncello, add 3 other liquids and stir to taste. Rim the martini glass with a lime wedge and sprinkle vanilla sugar on outside only. Strain Boston contents into glass and serve.





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