Celebrate National Rum Day with BACARDI Cuba Libre

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National Rum Day is coming up on August 16th and the BACARDĺ Cuba Libre, with its legendary tale of creation, is the perfect rum cocktail to toast on National Rum Day. While it has inspired the “rum and coke” cocktail ordered frequently around the world, the authentic Cuba Libre is crafted with scientific precision. In fact, the Cuba Libre officially turns 113 years old next month! Cheers!

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre
BACARDI Cuba Libre

 1 part BACARDÍ Gold® rum

3 parts cola

2 lime wedges

ice cubes

 Fill a tall glass with cubed ice. Squeeze and drop a fresh lime wedge into the glass. Pour in BACARDÍ Gold® rum and top with chilled cola. Stir gently and top with remaining lime wedge.



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