Belvedere Vodka x Société Perrier Create 14-Ingredient Cocktail: The 14

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‘The 14’ by Société Perrier and Belvedere Vodka

Société Perrier, the Source for Nightlife & Culture, is currently celebrating its 14-month anniversary throughout the month of September, and the site has collaborated with Belvedere Vodka to create the ultimate celebratory cocktail. With no less than 14 ingredients, the drink is aptly named: The 14

Société Perrier digitally connects Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water with its history of celebrating nightlife and cocktail culture, and the collaboration between the two iconic brands is a natural one.

The 14 is an exclusive and specially made cocktail with strong natural fruit flavors, by Belvedere’s Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology, Claire Smith.

Creating a Belvedere cocktail with this number of added ingredients was always going to be a challenge,” says Smith.

Rather than create a cocktail that had numerous dashes or small splashes of ingredients, Smith chose to illustrate Belvedere Vodka’s maceration process. This involves infusing real fresh fruits, herbs and spices into the vodka to create wonderfully complex and naturally tasting flavored vodkas.

The list of ingredients reads like a daily shopping list including black tea, chamomile, fresh lemons, limes, grapefruits and mandarins, and rather than ‘add’ 14 ingredients, Smith chose a selection of Belvedere’s Macerations, that when combined, form a list of 14 fresh fruit distillates that are used in the production of each flavor.

Cocktails are very much about being greater than the sum of their parts. Even beautifully made spirits, such as Belvedere, can be enhanced by the addition of complimentary ingredients and dilution, to reveal a drink that is a marriage of flavors and textures,” Smith continues.

The 14 is a delicious and refreshing drink that is simple and yet complex, and the use of Belvedere Vodka’s multiple macerations creates a unique cocktail, made exclusively for Société Perrier to mark the 14-month milestone.

Find the recipe and method for The 14 here, and look for special features, guest editors, DJ mixes and videos all through September on Société Perrier.




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