Hendrick’s Gin Launches “Voyages Into The Unusual” Across America

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Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”

Houston, TX – On Wednesday night, June 6, Hendrick’s Gin launched a year-long nationwide series titled, “Voyages Into The Unusual” with three nights of extraordinary experiences at The Parador in Houston, Texas. Filled with awe-inspiring scenes, creative cocktail creations and a scintillating cast of characters, Hendrick’s Gin’s unique Voyages will also visit ports of call in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. Each port of call will be transformed into a highly unusual realm, complete with a grand Explorer’s Lounge, a frenzied Botanist’s den and a full scale Apothecary.

The world’s fastest growing super premium gin created “Voyages Into The Unusual” to introduce people across the country to the delightfully peculiar world of Hendrick’s.  With its distinctive blend of botanicals, its signature infusion of cucumber and rose petals and its pioneering distillation technique, Hendrick’s is at the forefront of a drinking revolution.

The Voyage begins with The Hendrick’s Delightfully Peculiar Cocktail Academy in which a small group of guests will partake in the most wondrous exercises in cocktail making while their captain guides them through the history of gin, tipples and punch. The next night, Hendrick’s Gin will welcome droves of fellow travelers to sample most peculiar libations and be entertained by a collection of unusual people with surprising skills and visionary ideas.  The Journey concludes with an epic evening for readers of the computerized periodical Thrillist that will be full of extraordinary ventures, peculiar revelry and imaginative concoction.

An array of unusual libations will be served including an ever-evolving “Hendrick’s Traveling Punch” which will be modified ever so slightly by using the best local and seasonal ingredients available in each city at the time of each “Voyage”.

“Voyages Into The Unusual” will commence in Houston, TX from June 5th-7th and move onto to San Francisco, CA (June 19th-21st), Chicago, IL (September 25th-27th), Philadelphia, PA (October 16th – 28th) and conclude in New York, NY (October 30th – Novemeber 1st).

Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”
Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”
Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”
Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”
Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”
Hendrick's Gin “Voyages Into The Unusual”




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