Biggest Loser Trainer, Bob Harper, Toasts To His New Book with Specialty SVEDKA cocktail, ‘Bob’s Bliss’

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Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper toasted to his new book, ‘The Skinny Rules,’ with “Bob’s Bliss” – a specialty cocktail by SVEDKA Vodka at the Santa Maria Novella Store in Soho on Tuesday.

Bob took to Twitter to share with his fans:

Looking for a low-cal cocktail? Muddle 6 raspberries with + lime juice. Add 2 oz @SVEDKA, ice and soda water. #Yum!”

The recipe for this perfect summer cocktail is below and Bob’s book is available in stores now, as well as

 Bob’s Bliss

SVEDKA Vodka Bob's Bliss

2oz SVEDKA Raspberry

1oz Diet Tonic

1 oz lime juice

6 Raspberries


Muddle six raspberries with a spoonful of Splenda, add 2oz SVEDKA Raspberry, fill with diet tonic and a spritz of lime juice. Garnish with a lime slice – Cheers!


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