Holiday Cocktails at 35 Steaks + Martinis, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas is sweetening the season with a little sugar and spice by offering the Santa’s Helper Martini as well as the Drunken Elf on Tuesday, Dec. 13 through Christmas, Sunday, Dec. 25 at 35 Steaks + Martinis inside the hotel.

Santa’s Helper Martini combines Absolut Vanilla Vodka, white chocolate Godiva liquor, Kahlua, and Crème de Menthe, and is garnished with a dollop of whip cream, candy cane, cinnamon stick, and a dash of cocoa powder.

The Drunken Elf features Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Menthe, Sambuca, muddled mint leaves, and vanilla syrup, and topped with fresh mint sprig and gumdrops.


Santa's Helper Martini - photo by Erik Kabik

 Santa’s Helper Martini

1oz Half and Half

1oz white chocolate Godiva liquor

1oz Absolut vanilla

1/2oz Kahlua

1/8th oz Crème de Menthe (white)

4oz ice

Garnish with Whip cream dollop, candy cane, cinnamon stick, chocolate powder.

The Drunken Elf - photo by Eric Kabik

Drunken Elf

4 mint leaves 8oz ice muddled

3/4oz Vanilla syrup

3/4oz Absolut vanilla

1/2oz Crème De Menthe (Dark)

1/2oz Sambuca (Dark)

Shake vigorously should have a watery slushy consistency, pour slowly into specialty footed glass   half full of cubed ice.  Garnish with three spiced gumdrops and mint sprig.






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