Letterman’s tongue is in peril



What happened to the days when words meant nothing and sleeping with someone else’s wife was the only act that would lead to out-bursts of death threats?…

Letterman just returned from a 2 week vacation, which will be his first day back to the grind since the death threat that threatened his life and tongue, that was posted on a jihadist website.

The threats stemmed from Letterman’s cracks regarding the failure of the new al-Qaeda leader, Ilyas Kashmiri, days after his death by U.S. drone attack in Pakistan. Though Kashmiri was understood to be Bin Laden’s successor after his death, Letterman wasn’t the only one who smirked at the new leaders capabilities.

Bin Ladin was America’s Most Wanted for 10 years and the cause of a world-wide search and was also the reason for the deployment of 50,000 troops into Afghanistan. Kashmiri takes over the reigns for not even a year and gets clipped by a US drone attack. Thats a remote control air plane that is in many ways similar to a little kid’s TYCO R/C monster truck.

The website in which the threat was posted is a popular site for jihadist extremists and a place for all the pissed off muslims of the world to share their feelings and reflect with one another.

But hey, if you can’t take down America, maybe taking down their 11 o’clock CBS programming will bring Americans to their knees.




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