@CondeElevator twitter account shuts down

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New York – The @CondeElevator twitter account has been shut down per the decision of the anonymous tweeter, suspected to be a Teen Vogue intern. The account has kept us laughing here at Tipsy Diaries, so we are sad to see it go.

The anonymous tweeter tweeted out conversations that may or may not have been heard in the Conde Nast elevator at 4 Times Square; their New York headquarters. Conde Nast is the publishing company of magazines such as The New Yorker, Vogue, GQ, W, Glamour, Allure, Self, Vanity Fair, etc.

In just 5 days and 36 tweets, the @CondeElevator twitter account garnered over 60,000 followers. Pretty impressive! especially for an elevator.

As top editors at Vogue found out about this, they were not thrilled, which caused the anonymous tweeter to close up shop, for fear of losing his/her job.

Our advice: We think that this is great for Conde Nast. They should embrace this, and make a movie out of it from all the publicity. Oh wait, nevermind.

See below some of the tweets from the short-lived @CondeElevator account:

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