4th of July

Okay, it’s a long weekend, hoorah..but there are a few things that really ruffle my feathers about it…

First off, if everybody is throwing their own barbeque, then who the hell is going to be around to attend? Some of these BBQ hosts really have to ask themselves, “am I fun?” If the answer is the obvious “NO,” then pack it in, and release the poor saps on your guest list that guilted themselves into attending anyway, and let them go to the real fun that you probably weren’t invited to. If this is hitting home with anyone, I’m not sorry, you needed to hear it!

Fireworks okay, they’re loud, colorful, I get it. I was around in the 70’s, but you would think that in the year 2011 you people would understand the apparent dangers at hand. God forbid my ol’ lady was up there. People give the Mexicans so much guff about firing their guns in the air to party, but throwing explosives up there isn’t much better.

And of course, the obviously dreadful traffic congestion. Totally avoidable, but god forbid the human race kicks the mentality of “I’m but one person, thus I don’t make a difference.” Enough’s, enough! Read my beak…If I see any of you Mother Gooses driving with a count of less then 2 people, just wait…You won’t know when, you won’t know where…but know I will find you and when I do, it won’t be pleasant…


– The Pissed Off Peacock














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