Meet your new neighbor, Los Angeles…Petra Ecclestone


The UK heiress to the Formula One racing fortune…Luscious hair…Rockin’ body…Perfectly balanced accent…Former Armani model…and now owns the most expensive piece of real-estate in the U.S…Does this girl piss anybody else off?

If not, definitely the most extreme form of jealousy. To have all that in addition to the heiress title AND be smoking hot…what the hell right?

Well regardless of the fact that this girl is a Barbie doll now in Ken’s Dream House, the estate itself is just as much of a “jaw-dropping” spectacle. Here’s a peek into “the world of WTF!” which by no means relates or applys to “the world of reality” that we so unfortunately occupy. Sucks doesn’t it?

Petra Ecclestone

WHO: Petra Ecclestone. The 22 year old heiress to the Formula One racing fortune. Her billionaire father, Bernie Ecclestone is buying her ‘The Manor’; Candy Spelling’s Holmby Hills Estate. It KILLS me to say ‘Candy Spelling’s estate’ as we all know who’s estate it REALLY is.

Additional info: She launched menswear line, Form, with her sister, Tamara Ecclestone and Princess Beatrice. A trio indeed. The line folded after 2 years. That just goes to show it takes more then money to launch a successful brand.

WHAT: The sale of the late Aaron Spelling’s 22 year-old, 57,000 square foot, Southern California mega-mansion. To be one of the largest residential sales in U.S. history. Over 100 rooms, including a bowling alley, flower-cutting room, barber shop, and the list goes on…

'The Manor'

WHEN: Although the Mega-Mansion plopped its Mega-Ass on the market 2 years ago at the bargain price of $150 million, the brokerage firm, Hilton & Highland, will not be releasing the final sale price until the deal closes in July. Rumors are flying that the final price dropped and Daddy Warbucks ended up shelling out only $85 million. What a bargain.

WHERE: Holmby Hills, Southern California.

WHY: Who knows, who cares, too much money, economical philanthropy, or maybe just “what the hell, I got the dough.” Any one of those will do for me. Regardless of their reasons, this move has just boasted the heiress into the American spotlight. Only here, can money buy fame so effortlessly.




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