what color is your sole?


Ha I love it. Tara keep that finger up and pointing. Although Christian Louboutin already called Yves St. Laurent to the plate in a $1 million dispute over the use of his iconic, red soles; in this particular case, his exclusive hold on the sexy red soles will only strengthen the appeal to Tara Haughton’s target market.

Enough about that and more about this lil’ entrepreneurial badass. 16 years old and titled as President and CEO of the Rosso Solini Company, which is the Italian translation for ‘red soles’. Ha. Now you see where this is going. This is her own company that she started a year ago in her home country of Ireland. Due to her innovations, a girl can get her hands on a gorgeous pair of red sole accented heels without having to shell out 1,500 clams. She can also give you three colors for the bargain price of $17.50, which obviously is considerably cheaper than Louboutin’s trendy high heels. Her company designs and sells colored stickers that adhere to the bottom of high heels.

Only a year into the game and she is already designing and selling her colored sole stickers to women all over. I admire her perseverance in taking on the exclusivity of Louboutin high heels, tweaking it a bit, and bringing the designer heel-look to women who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Unless you feel like taking a trip to New York to visit the corner men in Chinatown, you’re not getting those red soles anywhere else for under a small fortune. Though we all like to tell ourselves, ‘sure GREEN soles look good’…but you know the truth, the red just works. Also, don’t let the sticker process get in the way of reviving those out-dated heels. It’s a high quality “poly-whatever-thane” sticker that will not rip or tear, and will leave your feet looking sharp and sexy. I figured all the different shapes and sizes of heels would make this a much more complex process, but that wasn’t the case at all. My very first stab at it…great success! Pretty sweet, considering I suck at everything! 15 minutes tops and as corny as it sounds, I felt like a lil’ fashion designer building my own creation.

If all goes well, her plan will reach the states soon enough. Even though I don’t believe there’s much Louboutin can do about this chick, the reality is there really would be no need. When it comes to the high-priced world of fashion, either the girl can afford it or not, and that’s just the way it is.

I wish the best of luck to Tara and hope to be seeing her product in the American trades soon. In the meantime, I think I’ll go revive some more old heels.



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