Alright ladies…Allow me to assist you. Since we can’t hunt down the misogynistic ass that invented heels, we’re just going to have to find another way…FOUND IT! I’m sure you all have heard of CitySlips but just haven’t taken the final step in actually buying ’em. Well after a month or so of complaining from the foot pain, I finally put up the measly 25 bucks for the foldable ballet flats and mannnn do my feet feel Grrreat! I’m sure a lot of you are just like me and just can’t stand feet, but regardless, you gotta take care of ’em because with out them you’re not going anywhere.

Of course you’re going to walk in rocking your Louboutins, but when your feet just want to give up, all you do is reach into your CitySlip’s carrying case, and slip-slip, BAM! I’d like to compare the feeling to the release of sucking in that gut all night on that first date. It’s just like that, only 10 times better! Also the wristlet size carrying case that unfolds into a carrying tote for those damn heels..too cool! So show your feet that you care.

CitySlips started in New York City (where you probably need them the most). 2 NYU students, Susie Levitt and Katie Shea came up with the idea after going out one too many times and coming back with sore soles by the end of the night. Us here at Tipsy Diaries love great ideas and we truly feel that these ‘funk-tional, fashionable, and affordable’ flats are perfect for our readers here at Tipsy Diaries LA. Yes, I know, you live in Los Angeles, and everyone knows that walking anywhere is out of the question, but trust us..even without the walking..our delicate feet still get sore after a long night of dancing.

Do yourself a favor; the next time you even think of pulling off those Jimmy Choos to place your feet on the dirty city streets..think again, and purchase a pair of CitySlips. Your feet will thank you.


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