Library Bar, Hollywood Roosevelt

Library Bar, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Library Bar, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Library Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is anything but a library. Don’t let the books fool you.

As you walk into this quaint lounge at the front of the notorious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, you’ll feel as if you just went back to the 1950’s and Marilyn Monroe is about to walk through the front door (we can all hope). However, she did live at the hotel for 2 years and it is now believed that her spirit haunts the hotel grounds.

With a wooden bar, large leather chairs and dim lighting, you’ll get comfortable very easily. Just have a seat and tell the bartender what your tastes are and he will concoct something innovative and impressive every time. Serving drinks ‘omakase style’ is how this place rolls. What is ‘omakase style’ you may ask. Don’t worry, I wondered the same thing and then I realized why they don’t have drink menus. This expression means that the customer leaves the selection of drink ingredients to the bartender. It is a gamble, but don’t fret, as anything these guys aka mixologists make, is pretty damn good.

It truly is remarkable, especially to someone who would probably fail at making a cranberry vodka. It’s almost as if they can read your mind and tell exactly what kind of drink you would like. I thought that stuff only happens in the movies, but I guess we are close enough, being in Hollywood and all.

If you sit at the bar you will feel like you are sitting in a fruit/vegetable garden. The variety of fruits, vegetables, and garnishes laid out on the bar is very appealing…And the candles set the mood…


The two drinks I tried this Wednesday night were the ‘Red Rocket‘ and ‘Sage Heaven‘. Both equally delicious depending on your taste buds. I would’ve tried more, however, this is called ‘tipsy diaries’ and one too many drinks would take me out of the realm of tipsy and into drunkenness.


The Red Rocket consisted of arugula, strawberries, lemon juice, vodka, and honey. A sip of this tastes like you just bit into a strawberry with a kick of honey.

Sage Heaven consisted of sage leaves (of course), ginger, lemon juice, fresh raspberries and gin. I would say that it makes you feel like you’re in sage heaven, however, I don’t think I’ve ever said these two words in the same sentence before, never mind even having thoughts about it.

Red Rocket & Sage Heaven

After knocking back a few cocktails, I recommend walking right next door to the hotel’s 24 hour bar/restaurant called 25 Degrees, try their sweet potato fries, and then call it a night.


Library Bar, inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028


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